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Rabbi Debora Gordon

Rabbi at Cong. Berith Sholom, Troy NY


As promised, Jewish resources about gay marriage and GLBTQ inclusion:

Twice Blessed: On Being Lesbian, Gay, and Jewish. Edited by Christie Balka and Andy Rose. Beacon Press, 1989.

This is where you will find Rabbi Rebecca Alpert's essay "In God's Image: Coming to Terms with Leviticus."

Wrestling with God and Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition. Rabbi Steven Greenberg. UW Press, updated paperback edition 1985.


Kulanu: All of Us, A Program and Resource Guide for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender inclusion. URJ Press, 2007.

Includes ready-to-use teaching materials and lesson plans, guides for congregations, personal and theoretical essays. This is where you will find Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson's essay "Enfranchising the Monogamous Homosexual: A Legal Possibility, a Moral Imperative" (1993).

You may also be interested in:

http://www.orthodykes.org/faq.html - an analysis of traditional Jewish sources as they apply to lesbians on the Orthodykes website.

Trembling Before G-d - movie about Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox gay men and lesbians, made in 2001. The website seems to be fairly stale, but there's still a great deal of information. See especially the resource page: http://www.tremblingbeforeg-d.com/resources/index.html


Now about me:

I'm a Reform rabbi who leans toward traditional observance. I've begun my fifteenth year at Congregation Berith Sholom, a small and vibrant Reform synagogue founded in 1866 and still in its original 1870 building in downtown Troy, NY.

Music and Jewish text are my passions, and I use them to bring life and meaning to t’fillot (prayers/services) and study. My special inspirations as a rabbi are my two grandfathers: My mother’s father, Robert Karon (z"l), showed me how to tell Biblical stories as if they were family stories, and my father’s father, Rabbi Theodore Herzl Gordon (z”l), passed on to me a treasure-trove of Jewish music and the family passion for Israel and Hebrew. (He was ordained from HUC (Cincinnati) in 1933.) Berith Sholom is known for its music (especially its Choir), its Tikkun Olam work, and its hamische friendliness.

I live in Brunswick, NY with my partner of 12 years, Judy Wienman, and our 4 children, who were adopted through foster care. We have chickens, cats, a dog, a parrot, and 25 Nubian and MiniNubian goats whom we milk in season. We are working on starting a dairy to make goat cheese. Sustainable and local farming and eating have become part of my worldview and I am blessed with the presence of other Jewish farmers in my congregation and in New York’s Capital District.

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